Why we dont recommend the BARF diet

Let me start by applauding pet owners who have switched from commercial pet food to BARF as your dogs are already much better off than they where on commercial pet food but there is still plenty room for improvement.

BARF - Born Again Raw Feeders or the actual definition is Vomit

There is no specific recipe for BARF food but generally it consist of ground up meat and bones with added vegetables and maybe some added vitamins or other beneficial herbs, oils etc. Basically taking what is provided as a diet for carnivores by nature and saying we know better and in the process making omnivores out of carnivores.

The problems with BARF

  • Mincing the Meat and Bones: The main reason in my opinion for this is to be able to mix in all kinds of different products with the meat and bones that dogs would not normally eat by themselves if not minced to a pulp and disguised with the fluids and smell of the meat.
    • First problem with mincing the meat and bones: is that dogs need to bite into and tear through the meat in order to keep their teeth and gums healthy and clean, by only providing minced products one is promoting bad breath but worst you are promoting gum diseases which in turn infect other organs and the general health of your dog.
    • Physiological:Dogs are hunters and have the capability to bite through meat and medium to light bones and this adds to their mental well being, I agree this is not a huge factor but it will make for a happier pet.
  • Vegetables and Fruit: How much get added is up to each person or supplier, so except for the fact that dogs are not omnivores and much less vegetarians now they might be deprived from up to 50% of their protein, calcium and enzymes just to name 3 of the most essential and main needs derived from meat for a carnivore.
    • Absorption of Veggies and Fruit: a dogs digestive track is much shorter than that of omnivores or herbivores and are not made to digest or absorb vegetables or fruit. By grinding up the veggies or fruit a little bit might be absorbed but still there is not much use for a carnivore in eating large amounts of this. Giving your dog some table scraps of veggies and fruit if they will eat it can not do harm but please do not deprive them of meat because you believe veggies and fruit are good for them while there is no evidence in nature to sustain these ideas. Do a test yourself, put one plate of meat and one plate of veggies in front of your dog and see which one he prefers.
    • Argument for Veggies and Fruit in BARF: the most used argument to mix veggies and fruit into BARF is that your dog will eat the contents of the animals stomachs in nature, there is no proof of this, actually there are many noted studies that wolfs and other carnivores shake out the contents of the stomach before eating it. Yes there is a bit that stays left behind on the wall of the stomach but nothing to the amount to justify mixing a substantial amount of veggies or fruit into your dogs diet.
  • Ingredients and Profit: I know there are many passionate animal lovers out there that follow the BARF diet but then there are also many people trying to cash in on it and with the latter I have a big problem. The fact that the product is minced to a pulp make it easy to disguise the contents, making it possible to use low quality intestines to replace the so called meat that is in the product, this is the main issue, further there might be a shortage of the right bones and thus depriving your animal from both protein and calcium which is already largely replaced by veggies and fruit.

Well in short that is my piece of mind on this subject and if I can bore you a bit with my philosophy behind this then it will be that:

Some Humans can not accept that the food provided by God through nature is the best and need to mess it up by making their own cocktails of "superior products", or which they believe to be "superior"