Welcome to Raw Necessities

We would like to welcome you to our website and hope you will enjoy your visit, please feel free to leave comments or contact us for any queries or suggestions.

Raw Necessities Background
We have 1 Giant Schnauzer, 1 Black Russain Terrier and one puppy from the 2. After getting our first dog (Duma the Giant Schnauzer) in 2007 my wife started doing research on animal health and specifically on animal diets, through her research we discovered the truth (Raw Feeding) which immediatly made sense as we are Christians and believe that Nature is far more complex than any Science can reproduce.

With our passion for animals and their health our new found Raw Feeding beliefs quickly rubbed off on friends and family members and after that there was no turning back. After Joshka had puppies, some of the new owners were also interested in raw feeding and we started supplying them as a favour but it didn't take long before we had more interest and Raw Necessities was born.

Where we are now
After many hours of constant research we are even more convinced that Raw Meaty Bones are the only and best diet for any Carnivores which is exactly what dogs and cats are.

The passion for all dogs and cats to be on a raw diet in order for them to be healthy and have a happy and long live with their owners is what drives us.

We try to source only the best qualty products at an affordable rate (better than what most humans consume) and that is why our menu is currently still fairly limited, finding good quality red meat at an affordable price is not an easy task but we are always on the lookout.

My wife and I are here to help and assist you with issues or questions you might have, if you buy from us or not,it does not make a difference, as long as you do right with your pet which is without doubt a Carnivore.

Kay with Duma, Themba and JoshkaWe would like to hear from you.

Kind Regards and Thank You for taking the time to do research on behalf of your pets.

Phillip and Kay Janse van Rensburg
and Duma, Joshka and Themba