Salmonella in commercial pet food

When first starting with raw food, some dogs develop loose bowels. The reason for this is that acidity of their stomachs is returning to optimal condition.A dogs digestive system is made for meat, bones, feathers and fur. The ph of a dogs stomach when on raw is between 1 -3.

Often we get the question what about salmonella poisoning from first time raw feeders.As you can imagine with a ph of 1 – 3 pretty much any bacteria gets destroyed including salmonella. And this is also why a dog can bury a carcass and then eat it days later with no ill effects. In fact Dr Martin Goldstein (The nature of animal healing) states that when a carcass has been buried for a couple of days, it's even more enzyme rich. Glorious wonderful enzymes which keep our dogs healthy.

As a morbid fascination I search to see if there have been any pet food recalls. The most recent has been Merrick Petfood in the states,( )their dog treats have been recalled due to salmonella. According to the article the American Veterinary Medical Association recommends avoiding raw food diets. Which I find quite ironic. If you raw feed your dog, the ph level returns to what it should, and your dog is able to deal with salmonella. On the other hand if you feed your dog pellets, the ph rises to 5 -6 , most bacteria, such as Salmonella and E.coli , cannot survive at a pH lower than 4 and optimally require a pH range of 5-7 to grow, which means that your dogs digestive system is not be able to deal with the salmonella bacteria. Does anyone else see the irony in recommending commercial dog food to avoid salmonella poisoning?

I looked further into why AVMA was targeting raw food diets when the article was regarding a recall on commercial pet treats. I discovered that Hills is a platinum sponsor of AVMA.

Need I say more?