Raw Diet and Aggressiveness / Killing

Dogs and Chickens FriendsThere is a general misconception that feeding dog’s raw food can make your animal more aggressive and give them the taste of raw meat which causes them to kill other animals or even bite humans.

This is simply not true, it is actually the opposite, feeding your dog a raw food diet will satisfy their natural need for raw food and will give them all the nutrition they need to be more balanced in behaviour. It has been proven that an animal with malnutrition is more prone to aggression due to irritation from deficiencies.

Raw Food does not influence the need for killing prey animals:

Our food and most other suppliers food are already slaughtered and the animal do not make the connection between the chicken carcass, necks or any other part of the food with a live animal or prey. Some dogs will kill other animals but this is usually due to either malnutrition in their diet and thus the need for meat while some dogs do get a taste for blood and with this, there is normally the chase of the kill where the dog will kill the other animals but not eat them and this can and is a real problem to pet owners, again this is not caused by a raw diet and changing to a raw diet might help to satisfy these dogs.

Our neighbour has a Labrador who kept breaking out of the yard and killing anything in sight, from moles, chickens and other wild birds and nearly caught our cats a couple of times, he would eat his caught prey completely. Fixing the fence did not help he would find a way out and since our neighbour has started feeding raw the Labrador is more than content with staying in the yard and is not even trying to get out and kill as his natural need for the nutrition from raw meat has been satisfied, in addition to this, his health has also improved substantially where he before had liver problems and nearly died from lack of protein in his blood, he has now fully recovered. In fact when diagnosed with the liver problems, the vet advised the owner to not feed kibble and not feed tinned dog food. But that is a subject for a different day.

Our 3 dogs who has been on the raw chicken diet now for over 4 years has not shown any aggression or any sign of killing prey animals, in fact they have shown exactly the opposite behaviour. We have 5 chickens in our yard of about 1000m2 which walk freely between our dogs, the chickens were introduced after our dogs where fully grown so it is not that they grew up with them either. Pictures mostly speak louder and more truth than words so I am not going to say too much about our own experiences, rather have a look for yourself at the pics below. You will notice our one dog has taken it upon himself to protect the newborn chick and the hen, he follows them all around the yard.

Please note that certain dog breeds are natural hunters and are more prone to killing prey animals by nature, feeding raw can help as they then get the nutrition they were looking for in prey animals by hunting, but some of these dogs will kill for the fun and feeding raw food will probably not have any influence on the behaviour of these dogs, except for them being healthier on a raw diet.

Duma protecting chick

Dog protecting chickens

Dogs and Cat