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The Information on this website is not all new, we simply have been blinded by the lies of "blue chip companies" who's only aim is commercial gain at the detriment of your dog through selling commercial pet food not suitable for Carnivors which is a multi billion industry per year.

A Few Thoughts and Truths

Passion for the health of our pets led us on a journey to discovering feeding raw meat and bones to our dogs and one willing cat. As we did more research and saw the difference in our pets, we wondered how we could ever have been so blinded and brain washed.

In our technology based lifestyles and sanitised homes its almost inconceivable for us to think that our pets should get raw bloody meat, but how quickly we have forgotten that our pets originated from the wild and not so long ago were domesticated from wolves and wild cats. Predators who kill, rip and tear their prey.

We continually review our diets, knowing from science and experience that processed food lead to all forms of ailments, allergies and cancer. Chemicals in our food and in our home environment has been directly linked to causing cancer, yet we are willing to give our pets, processed , chemically preserved brown wheat based pellets promised by the supplier to be “balanced”

A Short Raw Feeding Story

We have been raw feeding for a few years now and our bitch had 8 puppies, we first fed them commercial dog food as we knew it would be more than likely that they would go to homes where they were fed commercial food. Our bitch who was on raw food, would chew the carcases and then give it to her pups, whenever we turned our backs for a few minutes. Getting the carcasses back from 8 puppies at 5 weeks old proved more difficult than we thought and I ended up with fingers bitten about 6 holes in them as these sweet and otherwise most loving puppies accidentally bit me in their attempt to try and hold on and get back their first taste of raw meat. Now they definitely did not react that way when I removed their pellets. Just the smell of their parents eating raw food put them in a hyperactive mode, searching for their share of the kill.

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Getting Started on Feed Your Dog Raw Meaty Bones - Overview

Dogs left to fend for themselves in a natural world have no difficulty identifying what’s good to eat. Their diet includes anything that creeps, crawls, wriggles, runs, swims and flies. I applaud you if you can find whole carcasses of other animals as food for your pet. However, in our modern world we need to look for alternatives. And in this regard a raw meaty bones and table scrap diet works wonders.

Raw Feeding Diet guide for domestic dogs and cats

Dingoes and feral cats keep themselves healthy by eating whole carcasses of prey animals. Ideally we should feed our pets in the same manner. Until a dependable source of whole carcasses becomes available, pet owners need a satisfactory alternative. The following recommendations, based on raw meaty bones, have been adopted by thousands of pet owners with excellent results.

The diet is easy to follow and cheap, and pets enjoy it.

  • Fresh water constantly available.
  • Raw meaty bones (or carcasses if available) should form the bulk of the diet.

Pets Thrive on Environmentally Friendly Raw-Meaty-Bones Vs Kibbles

I want to address four issues raised cogently by commentators: (1) what's in various kinds and prices of pet foods?, (2) forgotten issue of TEXTURE in pet food, (3) genetic resemblance and evolutionary history of dogs/wolves, and (4) is feeding pets the raw-meaty-bones diet wasteful, contrary to a sustainable planet?

  1. What's in various kinds and prices of pet foods

Do Wolves/Dogs Eat the Vegetable Contents of Herbivores' Stomachs?

A major argument to justify vegetable matter in dogs' diets is the claim that wolves eat the stomach contents of their herbivore prey. The stomach contents of wild herbivores are partially digested and undigested gasses.

Manufactured Raw Mince and Other Garbage

The trend is clear. More and more pet-food companies are getting on the raw bandwagon. As pet owners wise up to the many deleterious effects of commercial kibbles and canned-mush, pet-food providers are scrambling to make products to replace dry and canned pet foods. If consumers want raw meats for their pets, manufacturers can mince and package ground meats and bones in cute chubs and tubs that they hope will appeal to conscientious pet owners.

Foul Doggie Breath = Infected Gums

When she came to pick up her order, a Kona Raw co-op member told me she was surprised at what the raw-meaty-bones diet did for her dog. She was amazed that he no longer has "doggie" breath. She said she was used to adult dogs having that familiar, unpleasant breath odor and was amazed he no longer had it.

Like most people, she fed her dog kibble for his whole lifetime, until she discovered the health benefits of RMB. Gnawing on meaty bones had cleaned his teeth, allowed his gums to become healthy, so his breath now had a sweet, healthy smell.

What's Wrong With The Pet Foods You Buy?

Feeding your dogs and cats from a bag or can is simply all wrong.

Why Vets Give Bad Advice on Feeding Pets

According to Elizabeth Hodgkins, DVM, author and former scientific officer at Hills Pet Food Co. (Science Diet), veterinary students are victims of a professional education that sold its soul to global pet food companies. Veterinary schools depend on pet food companies to supply instructors for pet nutrition courses, to support veterinary research (pet food companies control what's studied), to fund faculty and student positions, and to fund professional conferences.

Why Not ‘BARF’?

People new to the idea of feeding their carnivorous pets a raw diet may be unaware of the differences between the original Raw Meaty Bones Diet and the so-called BARF Diet.

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Not all raw is equal

Feeding raw is about feeding a more natural diet, a diet which carnivores such as dogs and cats thrive on. However it’s a misconception to think that feeding whole raw meaty bones is the same as feeding BARF.

How to respond when someone says that their dog has passed away

The death of a beloved canine, is a very real and traumatic experience, a member of the family is gone and the whole dynamic of the family changes. There are constant reminders and the family unit is broken, an integral part of the family is gone. Mourning the death of a pet follows the same process as mourning for a human and grieving for the pet is an important part of an families recovery. Not only has a canine family member died, in addition, there is the battle with guilt, as invariably a decision had to be made to euthanize due to intense suffering or incurable diseases.

4 1/2 Week old puppies eating raw

When you see these puppies pulling meat off a kudu bone, the truth that dogs are carnivores is reinforced and the realisation hits home that such injustice is being perpetrated against dogs by feeding them pellets. The fact that the profession that is supposed to protect dogs and cats, push expensive scientifically formulated corn on unsuspecting pet owners is heart breaking and absolutely criminal.

Natural, Organic, Holistic Dog Food

Natural, Organic, Holistic are the three words on the lips of every health conscious person around the globe, pertaining to foods and their environment. Listed below are the definitions of each word and an overview of how Raw Necessities dog food products relate to these definitions.

Natural - Existing in or produced by nature; not artificial or imitation

Organic - Of or relating to foodstuff grown or raised without synthetic fertilizers or pesticides or hormones

Vegan Diet and Meals for Dogs

Is a vegan diet right for my dog?

This seems to be a question on many pet owners’ minds these days, especially with the global tendency for humans to prefer a vegetarian diet.

The short answer is NO but let’s have a look why.

Herbivore, Omnivore or Carnivore:

Salmonella in commercial pet food

When first starting with raw food, some dogs develop loose bowels. The reason for this is that acidity of their stomachs is returning to optimal condition.A dogs digestive system is made for meat, bones, feathers and fur. The ph of a dogs stomach when on raw is between 1 -3.